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Pulse Generator
Я4С-89 front panel

Compatible with Soviet 7000-series clones

Produced from (?) to (?)

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The Я4С-89 is a plug-in for Soviet 7000-series clones which contains a pulse generator. It is intended for use with the sampling plugins in a similar manner to the Tek S-52 pulse generator head. It can free-run or take a 5 V external trigger signal.

The pulse outputs require an external pulse shaping cable in order to be useful. The cables contain a 1И308К 50 mA tunnel diode.

From the top, the connectors are:

  • external 5 V (TTL) trigger in
  • sync output, variable level and polarity
  • positive-going pulse output
  • negative-going pulse output

The buttons are:

  • manual trigger
  • external trigger mode
  • period 1/0.1/0.01 ms
  • delay 25/50/100/200 ns (can be added by pressing multiple buttons)
  • pulse width 0.01/0.2 μs

The rotary controls are:

  • external trigger level
  • period vernier
  • sync output amplitude, negative-zero-positive
  • delay vernier
  • pulse width

then two screwdriver bias adjustments for the positive-going and negative-going pulse outputs.

The connectors are СР50-73 type, which are almost compatible with BNC connectors but the latch is a tight fit and the centre contact can be unreliable.


Period 10μs to approx 15 ms, or external trigger
Post-trigger delay 0 to approx 400 ns
Rise time Depends on external pulse shaper
Pulse width 10 ns to 10 μs in two ranges
Trigger output amplitude −5 V to +5 V into 1 MΩ, −1 V to +1 V into 50 Ω
Pulse output amplitude 200 mV or 400 mV depending on pulse shaper