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Tektronix 1L40
40 GHz Spectrum Analyzer plug-in
1L40 front

Compatible with 500-series scopes

Produced from 1969 to 1972

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The Tektronix 1L40 is a spectrum analyzer plug-in for 500-series scopes. It covers the frequency range from 1.5 GHz to 40 GHz.

The front-end mixer of the 1L40 is a removable module. By default the 1L40 comes with a coaxial mixer, Tek part number 119-0096-00, which works up to 12.4 GHz. The 119-0096-00 contains a 1N415D detector diode.

Type 1L40 was produced for only 3 years, making it the shortest-lived letter-series plug-in.

  • 12.4 GHz to 18 GHz requires the 119-0097-00.
  • 18 GHz to 26.5 GHz requires the 119-0098-00.
  • 26.5 GHz to 40 GHz requires the 119-0099-00.


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