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The Tektronix 2247A is a 100 MHz four-channel analog oscilloscope, with a built-in 200 MHz counter/timer. (It is unknown if a 2247 non-A model was ever built.)

The 2247A is part of a nearly identical family consisting of the 2245, 2246, 2247A, and 2252.

Channels 1-2 are fully-functioned, and 3-4 are very limited, in both deflection factor and coupling for digital signals.

Smart Scopes like the 2247A has four channels, and advanced features like Auto Setup, Tracking Cursors, Voltmeter, Integrated Counter/Timer, and Store/Recall of 20 front panels setups.


Bandwidth 100 MHz
Deflection CH 1&2: 2mV/div to 5V/div; CH 3&4: 0.1V/div and 0.5V/div all at +/- 2%
Vertical Operating Modes CH1,2,3,4, CH2 Invert, Add, Alt, Chop (625 kHz)
Input Impedance 1M, 20pF
Sweep Speeds A Time Base: 0.5s/div to 20ns/div; B Time Base: 5ms/div to 20ns/div (X10 Mag to 2ns/div)
Trigger DC, Noise Reject, HF Reject, LF Reject, AC, TV Line, TV Field
Trigger Modes A Mode: Auto Level, Auto, Norm, TV Line, TV Field, Single Seq. B Mode: Runs After Delay, Auto Level, Norm, TV Line (From A Source)
Trigger Source A & B Vert, CH1, 2, 3, 4, Line
Voltmeter DC, +Peak, -Peak, PK-PK, Gated Volts, Smart Tracking Cursors: Volts, Gnd, Trigger Lvl
Counter/Timer Freq, Period, Width, Totalize, Freq Ratio, Sec, 1/Sec, Phase, Rise/Fall Time, Prop Delay Time
Cursors Time, 1/Time, Delta Time, 1/Delta Time, Delta Phase, Volts
Interface Centronics (2252) Printers: Epson FX-Series (9 or 24 Pin)
Probes Two 10X Voltage Probes (P6109)100Mhz, BNC plug with a readout pin
Power 100W Max, 90vac - 250vac, 48Hz - 445Hz