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Tek 410 5.jpg
Tek 410 5.jpg
Tek410.png | Catalog image
Tek410.png | Catalog image
Inerior front RSZ.jpg | Inerior front view
Inerior front RSZ.jpg | Interior front view
Inerior front wo CRT RSZ.jpg  | Inerior front view witout CRT assy
Inerior front wo CRT RSZ.jpg  | Interior front view witout CRT assy
Inerior top RSZ.jpg  | Inerior top view
Inerior top RSZ.jpg  | Interior top view
Inerior bottom RSZ.jpg | Inerior bottom view
Inerior bottom RSZ.jpg | Interior bottom view
Inerior back RSZ.jpg  | Inerior back view
Inerior back RSZ.jpg  | Interior back view
CRT assy RSZ.jpg | CRT assembly
CRT assy RSZ.jpg | CRT assembly
Vertical.jpg |‎ Vertical amplifier
Vertical.jpg |‎ Vertical amplifier

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Tek 410 1.jpg

The Tektronix 410 Physiological Monitor is a specialized oscilloscope for medical applications.

It is a small, battery-powered instrument using a magnetically deflected CRT, providing ECG, EEG and pulse measurement modes.

The graticule includes a heart rate scale allowing readings in beats/min (at 50 mm/s).

The 067-0549-00 Input Adapter can be used to calibrate the 410.


Sweep 25, 50 or 100 mm/s
Bandwidth 0.1 to 250 Hz (ECG, AUX) or 100 Hz (EEG)
Deflection 10 mm/50 μV (EEG), 20 mm/mV (ECG), 2 mm/mV (AUX)
Input impedance 2 MΩ (EEG, ECG) / 20 MΩ (AUX)
CMRR 150,000 : 1
Battery 10 size C NiCd cells, operating time 8-12 hours, charging 14-16 hours
CRT 5" magnetically deflected, P-7 phosphor