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Tektronix 5403
60 MHz mainframe
Tektronix 5403

Produced from 1974 to 1975

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The Tektronix 5403 is a 60 MHz scope mainframe base unit that uses 5000-series plug-ins. It allows CRT readout of settings when used with plug-ins that support this. Most 60 MHz plug-ins and time bases do.

It was sold preconfigured with a display unit:

  • a D40 single beam unit would make it a 5440 single beam (but multi-trace, depending on plug-ins) oscilloscope,
  • a D41 storage display unit would make it a 5441 CRT storage scope
  • a D44 dual beam display unit would make it a 5444 dual beam oscilloscope

Many scopes have a nameplate on top carrying the 5403 base unit model number instead of the full model (5440, 5441, 5444), sometimes confusing owners.