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summary=525 MHz frequency counter|
summary=525 MHz frequency counter|
image=7d14-front.jpg |  
image=7d14-front.jpg |  
caption=7D14 front view (manual)|
caption=7D14 front view |
introduced=1971 |
introduced=1971 |
discontinued=1980 |
discontinued=1980 |

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Tektronix 7D14
525 MHz frequency counter
7D14 front view

Compatible with 7000-series scopes

Produced from 1971 to 1980

Manuals – Specifications – Links – Pictures

The Tektronix 7D14 is a 525 MHz frequency counter plug-in for 7000 series mainframes.

It uses the mainframe's readout system to display an eight-digit count on the CRT. Modes include frequency, frequency ratio and events count using manual or external gate.

When installed in a horizontal compartment, it can count the trigger pickoff from a vertical amplifier unit. This allows simultaneous viewing and counting of a signal in four-bay mainframes.

In a vertical compartment, the trigger signal (i.e. the "shaped" input) can be displayed as the module's Y output.


Frequency 525 MHz (5 MHz bandwidth limiting switch available)
Sensitivity 100 mV to 10 V
Input Impedance 50 Ω or 1 MΩ // 20 pF on external input, 1.5 Div internal when set to "Trig Source"
Gate time 1 ms to 10 s
Display time 0.1 s to 5 s or infinite
  • Gate monitor output / Ext Gate input (BSM)
  • 1 MHz reference monitor output / Ext Ref input (BSM)


An input section using relays selects the counter signal from the internal trigger path or external input, and activates 50 Ω termination and/or attenuators.

A differential FET buffer + bipolar amplifier stage drives a counter gate that uses a 10 mA tunnel diode as the switching element.

The first decade is implemented as a divide-by-2 ECL flip-flop (156-0377-00) followed by a 5-stage ring counter made with discrete transistor pairs (note circular layout) and some logic to BCD-encode the count result.

The following seven counter stages are conventional TTL decade ripple counters (N8292A).

The counter outputs are multiplexed onto a common 4-bit bus using open-collector NAND gates under control of the mainframe's readout system. The multiplexed digit value feeds a D/A converter (Tek 155-0038-01) that in turn drives the analog row and column returns to the readout system. A separate blanking logic eliminates leading zeroes and displays a ">" sign in the leftmost column if the counter overflows.



Year 1973 1976 1980
Price $1,400 $1,550 $2,075
2015 value $7,450 $6,430 $5,950