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Tektronix 7F10
750 MHz optical input vertical amplifier
7F10 front panel

Compatible with 7000-series scopes

Produced from 1987 to 1989

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The Tektronix 7F10 is an optical-input vertical plug-in introduced in 1987 for 7000-series scopes, at a price of $6,495 (2015 value $13,570). The 7F10 has 10 kHz — 750 MHz bandwidth in a 7104 mainframe (400 MHz in 79xx, 300 MHz in 78xx).

The 7F10A has DC — 1 GHz bandwidth and appeared only in the 1989 catalog, without price indication. Like the 11F10, which also was advertised in the 1989 catalog, it was not released to the market ( private information from the pricipal developer of the 7F10A / 11F10, Wanda Yantis ).

Both 7F10 and 7F10A are specified for the 700 nm to 1550 nm range of optical wavelengths. Both use germanium avalanche photodiodes as the O/E converter. The 7F10A and the 11F10 used Ge-APDs cooled by a Peltier cooler.

The 7F10 uses the main amplifier board of the 7A29 1 GHz vertical amplifier plug-in.

Tektronix provided no schematics for the O/E converter module. A manual (provided by third party) is the "7F10 O/E Module Manual".


Input 700 nm to 1550 nm through Diamond 3.5 mm connector (optionally other types on 7F10A)
Bandwidth 750 MHz (7F10) / 1 GHz (7F10A)
Deflection calibrated at 2.5 μW/Div (1500 nm), 2 μW/Div (1300 nm), 4.0 μW/Div (825 nm)
Max. linear input 10 mW carrier, 70% modulation
Attenuator 2.5 dB/step up to 37.5 dB
  • variable gain
  • invert
  • on-screen deflection factor, uncal and polarity readout
  • optical overload indication



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