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* [http://download.tek.com/manual/070890004.pdf A6906S manual] @ Tek.com
* [[Media:070-8900-04.pdf|Tektronix A6906S Manual (PDF)]]

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The Sony/Tektronix A69T06 is the transmitter part of the A6906S fiberoptic voltage isolation system. Together with the A69R06 receiver, it can transfer analog signals over a pair of fiber cables up to 200 m length, with 100 MHz bandwidth. The A69C06 is the battery charger for the A69T06.

The A6906S uses a fixed ×100 probe and gains of 5, 2 or 1, or attenuation of 1 to 50 in 1-2-5 sequence, for an overall attenuation of ×20 to ×5000.