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[[Category:Test equipment]]
[[Category:Audio analyzers]]
[[Category:GPIB interface]]
[[Category:GPIB interface]]
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[[Category:RS-232 interface]]

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The Tektronix AM700 is a standalone, programmable, mixed-signal Audio Measurement System.

It consists of a two-channel analog and digital audio generator and a two-channel analog and digital audio analyzer using digital signal processing. The AM700 has a graphical user interface on a 7" monochrome display (early versions used a CRT display, later ones an LCD) with touch-screen and soft-key operation (a VGA output also allows connecting an external monitor). Digital audio interfaces support the AES/EBU protocol.

The AM700 can be operated remotely through its GPIB port. Data and settings can be stored on a 3.5" 1.44 MB diskette.