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This is a wiki for the community of Tektronix oscilloscope enthusiasts.

The purpose of this site is to help people get information about classic Tektronix equipment. There is nothing for sale here. If you have any information to contribute and do not have an account, please email the administrator for an account. Feel free to add pages. To add a page, search for the page. If it cannot be found, you will be given the option of creating it. You have to be logged in to make changes.

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2000 Series Scopes

200 Series Scopes

Miniature portable oscilloscopes

300 Series Scopes

Miniature/compact portable oscilloscopes, some by Sony/Tektronix

400 Series Scopes

Portable scopes, low to medium bandwidth

Monolithic Tube Scopes

500 Series




Third Party

560 Series




Sampling and Automated Measurement

Third Party

580 Series

647 Series

661 Series

2600 Series

5000 Series



Third Party

5030 Series Scopes

7000 Series

Modular high end scopes with medium to very high (1 GHz) bandwidth and readout



Sampling Heads

Third Party

11000 Series



T900 Series Scopes

TAS Series

TDS Series

Other Digital Scopes

160 Series Modules

TM500 and TM5000 Series



Third Party


Passive Probes

Active Probes

Low Capacitance Probes

Current Probes

Differential Probes

Logic Probes

Optical Probes

Other Probes

Probe Power and Amplifiers

Logic Analyzers

Signal Generators

Spectrum Analyzers


CRT Monitors

Television Instruments

Curve Tracers


TDR Instruments


Power Supplies

Other Instruments

Manuals and Catalogs

Many manuals for classic Tek gear are freely available online. Sites that generously serve archives of Tek manuals are:

Many manuals are not yet freely available online. If you can contribute free scans or paper copies of Tek manuals are not yet freely available online, please contact the administrator of this site.

Tek History

Maintenance Issues

External Links


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