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The Tektronix Type N is a sampling plug-in for 500-series scopes. It was the first sampler produced by Tektronix. The risetime is specified to be under 600 picoseconds. The Type N is a complete sampling subsystem, using the 500-series oscilloscope just as a power supply and a display. The oscilloscope is operated in X-Y mode and gets its horizontal signal from the Type N plug-in instead of from the scope's sweep circuitry. The input connector is a 50-ohm GR-874. The Type N was introduced in 1960, superseded by the Type 661 Sampling Oscilloscope system a year later, and discontinued in 1964, making it the shortest-lived plug-in.

The sampling circuit of the Type N is primitive. It uses a single diode, the "interrogate diode", D5480. The strobe pulse is added to the input signal using a passive summing circuit. Consequently, the amplitude of the kick-out pulse from the input is high, about 150mV.

The vertical scale of the Type N is 10mV/cm. The Type N is one of the few Tektronix plug-ins with fixed vertical gain.

For calibration of the timebase of the Type N, the 013-028 Timing Standard was produced.