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The Tektronix Type R is a plug-in for 500-series scopes. It is designed to measure risetime of a NPN and PNP transistors, but it works well with FETs as well. It can operate in grounded-emitter or grounded-base configurations. In the grounded-emitter configuration, it provides a variable collector voltage through a collector resistor which is used to sense the collector current. It provides a base bias voltage and a base pulse signal, fed to the base of the transistor through a resistor. The rise time of the base pulse is specified to be less than 5 nanoseconds. Everything can be set independently. The collector signal is AC-coupled to an amplifier whose output is fed to the oscilloscope. The Type R has its own on-board low-voltage, high-current regulated power supplies which feature germanium power transistors.

Type R was introduced in 1958, along with the 551, 533, and 543 mainframes, and the Type H plugin. It is the first plugin with transistors. It was dropped after 1966 or 1967.