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ROM images

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After several decades, the data in EPROMs may begin to decay. Here are firmware images for various Tek models so old EPROMs can be refreshed or new ones burned. The version number of the code within is indicated by the -XX suffix.

Part number Location Used in
156-0660-01.bin U581 4051 [1]
156-0661-01.bin U487 4051
156-0662-01.bin U485 4051
156-0663-01.bin U481 4051
156-0666-01.bin U285 4051
156-0669-01.bin U497 4051
156-0670-01.bin U495 4051
156-0899-00.bin U284 7D01 DF1
156-0900-00.bin U294 7D01 DF1
156-1128-00.bin U367 7L18
156-1129-00.bin U369 7L18
156-1132-00.bin U820 DF2
160-0358-00.bin 7D02
160-0359-00.bin 7D02
160-0360-00.bin 7D02
160-0361-00.bin 7D02
160-0399-01.bin U5080 8550
160-0400-00.bin U5090 8550
160-0408-00.bin U100 7854
160-0408-01.bin U100 7854
160-0409-00.bin U110 7854
160-0409-01.bin U110 7854
160-0410-00.bin U200 7854
160-0410-01.bin U200 7854
160-0411-00.bin U210 7854
160-0411-01.bin U210 7854
160-0412-00.bin U2030 8550
160-0459-01.bin U565 468
160-0466-00.bin U400 7854
160-0466-02.bin U400 7854
160-0467-00.bin U410 7854
160-0467-02.bin U410 7854
160-0743-00.bin U1401 CG551AP
160-0744-01.bin U1501 CG551AP
160-0745-01.bin U1502 CG551AP
160-0746-02.bin U1601 CG551AP
160-0747-01.bin U1022 CG551AP
160-0748-00.bin U1020 CG551AP
160-0749-00.bin U1014 CG551AP
160-0750-00.bin U1012 CG551AP
160-0759-01.bin U575 468
160-0818-00.bin 7D02
160-0819-00.bin 7D02
160-0826-00.bin U585 DAS9100
160-0827-00.bin U591 DAS9100
160-0828-00.bin U283 DAS9100
160-0829-01.bin U287 DAS9100
160-0832-00.bin U181 DAS9100
160-0832-02.bin U181 DAS9100
160-0838-00.bin A54U2023 492
160-0839-00.bin A54U2028 492
160-0886-04.bin A54U1012 492
160-0886-05.bin A54U1012 492
160-0890-02.bin A54U1017 492
160-0928-02.bin U281 DAS9100
160-0928-04.bin U281 DAS9100
160-0930-01.bin U291 DAS9100
160-0931-01.bin U183 DAS9100
160-0931-03.bin U183 DAS9100
160-0932-00.bin U391 DAS9100
160-1039-00.bin U395 DAS9100
160-1078-01.bin U385 DAS9100
160-1078-03.bin U385 DAS9100
160-1093-02.bin U5080 8560
160-1094-02.bin U5090 8560
160-1111-02.bin U1610 DC5010/DC510
160-1162-03.bin U500 7D20
160-1163-02.bin U400 7D20
160-1164-02.bin U200 7D20
160-1165-02.bin U300 7D20
160-1176-04.bin U0 834 834R05
160-1183-00.bin U1410 DC5010/DC510
160-1326-00.bin U1400 DM5010
160-1327-00.bin U1305 DM5010
160-1328-00.bin U1300 DM5010
160-1329-00.bin U1200 DM5010
160-1406-01.bin U1070 8560
160-1406-02.bin U1070 8562
160-1407-01.bin U1060 8560
160-1407-02.bin U1060 8562
160-1408-01.bin U1050 8560
160-1408-02.bin U1050 8562
160-1410-01.bin U3100 8562
160-1414-00.bin U1 4052 4052R06
160-1415-00.bin U11 4052 4052R06
160-1416-00.bin U1 4052 4052R07
160-1417-00.bin U1 4052 4052R08
160-1418-00.bin U11 4052 4052R08
160-1419-00.bin U1 4052 020-0478-01
160-1420-00.bin U11 4052 020-0478-01
160-1511-00.bin U30630 7A16P
160-1513-00.bin U1030 7B90P
160-1514-00.bin U830 7B90P
160-1527-00.bin U51 4662
160-1569-01.bin U160 1240
160-1570-01.bin U165 1240
160-1571-01.bin U170 1240
160-1572-01.bin U180 1240
160-1573-01.bin U185 1240
160-1574-02.bin U200 1240 12RD01
160-1575-02.bin U105 1240
160-1575-03.bin U105 1240
160-1576-02.bin U110 1240
160-1576-03.bin U110 1240
160-1577-02.bin U115 1240
160-1577-03.bin U115 1240
160-1578-02.bin U120 1240
160-1578-03.bin U120 1240
160-1579-02.bin U125 1240
160-1580-02.bin U130 1240
160-1580-03.bin U130 1240
160-1581-03.bin U135 1240/1241
160-1581-04.bin U135 1240/1241
160-1582-02.bin U224 1240
160-1582-03.bin U224 1240
160-1625-04.bin U2178 2465
160-1625-07.bin U2178 2465
160-1625-11.bin U2178 2465
160-1626-04.bin U2378 2465
160-1626-07.bin U2378 2465
160-1626-11.bin U2378 2465
160-1627-04.bin U2362 2465
160-1627-07.bin U2362 2465
160-1627-11.bin U2362 2465
160-1628-04.bin U2162 2465
160-1628-07.bin U2162 2465
160-1628-11.bin U2162 2465
160-1631-02.bin U2930 2465
160-1676-02.bin U600 7D20
160-1679-02.bin U597 DAS9100
160-1679-06.bin U597 DAS9100
160-1681-14.bin U4710 2465
160-1682-00.bin U893 4052A
160-1683-00.bin U880 4052A
160-1684-00.bin U870 4052A
160-1685-00.bin U863 4052A
160-1686-00.bin U320 4052A
160-1687-00.bin U330 4052A
160-1688-00.bin U335 4052A
160-1689-00.bin U340 4052A
160-1691-00.bin U885 4052A
160-1692-14.bin U4715 2465
160-1692-15.bin U4715 2465
160-1693-00.bin U300 4052A
160-1694-00.bin U305 4052A
160-1695-00.bin U315 4052A
160-1698-00.bin U810 4052A
160-1699-00.bin U820 4052A
160-1700-00.bin U825 4052A
160-1701-00.bin U835 4052A
160-1702-00.bin U845 4052A
160-1703-00.bin U13 4052 020-0478-01
160-1704-00.BIN U201 5D10 B020100 up
160-1705-00.BIN U213 5D10 B020100 up
160-1757-03.bin U700 7D20
160-1833-06.bin U4260 2465
160-1841-00.bin U295 DAS9100
160-1845-00.bin U3090 8562
160-1904-03.bin U180 4105
160-1905-03.bin U170 4105
160-1907-03.bin U70 4105
160-1908-03.bin U80 4105
160-1913-03.bin U190 4105
160-1914-03.bin U90 4105
160-1915-00.bin U126 1240 1200C01
160-1915-01.bin U126 1240 1200C01
160-1994-09.bin U2162 2465
160-1994-11.bin U2162 2465
160-1995-09.bin U2378 2465
160-1995-11.bin U2378 2465
160-2001-02.bin U100 1240 12RD01
160-2002-02.bin U202 1240 12RD01
160-2028-02.bin U102 1240 12RD01
160-2144-00.bin U3040 PS5004
160-2149-02.bin U130 4404
160-2218-00.bin U4060 8562
160-2219-00.bin U4090 8562
160-2298-04.bin U5930 2465
160-2353-01.bin DAS9100
160-2354-01.bin DAS9100
160-2371-00.bin U1401 CG551AP
160-2373-03.bin U90 4107A
160-2374-03.bin U190 4107A
160-2376-03.bin U180 4107A
160-2378-03.bin U170 4107A
160-2381-00.bin U855 4107A
160-2417-01.bin U300 1240 12RM01
160-2418-01.bin U200 1240 12RM01
160-2426-00.bin U140 1240 12RC11
160-2439-01.bin U300 1240 12RM02
160-2440-01.bin U200 1240 12RM02
160-2441-01.bin U300 1240 12RM41
160-2442-01.bin U200 1240 12RM41
160-2443-01.bin U300 1240 12RM71
160-2444-01.bin U200 1240 12RM71
160-2445-01.bin U300 1240 12RM63
160-2446-01.bin U200 1240 12RM63
160-2453-00.bin U300 1240 12RC01
160-2454-01.bin U200 1240 12RC01
160-2455-00.bin U300 1240 12RC02
160-2456-00.bin U200 1240 12RC02
160-2457-01.bin U300 1240 12R01
160-2458-01.bin U200 1240 12R01
160-2459-00.bin U300 1240 12RM03
160-2460-00.bin U200 1240 12RM03
160-2461-00.bin U300 1240 12RM04
160-2462-00.bin U200 1240 12RM04
160-2463-00.bin U300 1240 12RM05
160-2464-00.bin U200 1240 12RM05
160-2465-00.bin U300 1240 12RM06
160-2466-00.bin U200 1240 12RM06
160-2471-00.bin U300 1240 12RM21
160-2472-00.bin U200 1240 12RM21
160-2473-00.bin U300 1240 12RM22
160-2474-00.bin U200 1240 12RM22
160-2475-00.bin U300 1240 12RM23
160-2476-00.bin U200 1240 12RM23
160-2477-00.bin U300 1240 12RM24
160-2477-01.bin U300 1240 12RM24
160-2478-00.bin U200 1240 12RM24
160-2478-01.bin U200 1240 12RM24
160-2479-00.bin U300 1240 12RM25
160-2480-00.bin U200 1240 12RM25
160-2481-00.bin U300 1240 12RM26
160-2482-00.bin U200 1240 12RM26
160-2483-00.bin U300 1240 12RM27
160-2484-00.bin U200 1240 12RM27
160-2485-01.bin U300 1240 12RM42
160-2486-01.bin U200 1240 12RM42
160-2487-00.bin U300 1240 12RM43
160-2487-01.bin U300 1240 12RM43
160-2488-00.bin U200 1240 12RM43
160-2488-01.bin U200 1240 12RM43
160-2507-00.bin U300 1240 12RM62A
160-2508-00.bin U200 1240 12RM62A
160-2551-05.bin U680 2430
160-2552-05.bin U682 2430
160-2553-05.bin U690 2430
160-2554-05.bin U692 2430
160-2555-05.bin U670 2430
160-2602-01.bin TFS2020
160-2633-00.bin U6090 8562
160-2634-00.bin U6080 8562
160-2997-01.bin A13U3503 7104/7904A/7934
160-2998-15.bin U1[23]43 2230
160-3072-00.bin U160 1241
160-3073-00.bin U165 1241
160-3074-00.bin U170 1241
160-3075-00.bin U180 1241
160-3076-00.bin U185 1241
160-3077-00.bin U175 1241
160-3078-00.bin U130 1241
160-3078-01.bin U130 1241 (identical to 160-3078-00)
160-3079-00.bin U105 1241
160-3080-00.bin U110 1241
160-3081-00.bin U115 1241
160-3082-00.bin U120 1241
160-3083-00.bin U224 1241
160-3087-00.bin U855 4109A
160-3172-00.bin U300 1240 12RM99/01
160-3173-00.bin U200 1240 12RM99/01
160-3277-02.bin U90 4109A
160-3278-02.bin U190 4109A
160-3279-02.bin U80 4109A
160-3280-02.bin U180 4109A
160-3281-02.bin U70 4109A
160-3282-02.bin U170 4109A
160-3283-02.bin U60 4109A
160-3284-02.bin U160 4109A
160-3302-06.bin U2160 2465A (050-2180-06)
160-3302-07.bin U2160 2465A (050-2180-06)
160-3302-09.bin U2160 2465A (050-2180-06)
160-3303-06.bin U2260 2465A (050-2180-06)
160-3303-07.bin U2260 2465A (050-2180-06)
160-3303-09.bin U2260 2465A (050-2180-06)
160-3342-00.bin U125 1241
160-3343-00.bin U130 1241
160-3489-01.bin U300 1240 12RM31
160-3489-02.bin U300 1240 12RM31
160-3490-01.bin U200 1240 12RM31
160-3490-02.bin U200 1240 12RM31
160-3491-00.bin U300 1240 12RM08
160-3492-00.bin U200 1240 12RM08
160-3520-01.bin A54U3060 494
160-3521-01.bin A54U3050 494
160-3522-01.bin A56U1010 494
160-3523-01.bin A56U1020 494
160-3524-01.bin A56U1025 494
160-3525-01.bin A56U1035 494
160-3526-01.bin A56U3015 494
160-3527-01.bin A56U3020 494
160-3532-15.bin U9109 2230
160-3633-15.bin U9110 2230
160-3676-02.bin U4260 2465B
160-3691-05.bin A54U3050 494
160-3692-05.bin A54U3060 494
160-3693-05.bin A56U1010 494
160-3694-05.bin A56U1020 494
160-3695-05.bin A56U1025 494
160-3696-05.bin A56U1035 494
160-3697-05.bin A56U3015 494
160-3698-05.bin A56U3020 494
160-3699-05.bin A56U3030 494
160-3716-06.bin U602 11401
160-3717-06.bin U612 11401
160-3740-08.bin U630 11401
160-3741-08.bin U730 11401
160-3742-08.bin U620 11401
160-3743-08.bin U720 11401
160-3744-08.bin U612 11401
160-3745-08.bin U712 11401
160-3746-08.bin U600 11401
160-3747-08.bin U700 11401
160-3748-09.bin U250 11401
160-3749-09.bin U240 11401
160-3931-00.bin 2754/2756
160-3941-07.bin U281 11401
160-3942-07.bin U283 11401
160-4001-00.bin U300 1240 12RM99/02
160-4002-00.bin U300 1240 12RM99/03
160-4003-00.bin U300 1240 12RM99/04
160-4004-00.bin U300 1240 12RM99/05
160-4005-00.bin U300 1240 12RM99/06
160-4006-00.bin U300 1240 12RM99/07
160-4007-00.bin U300 1240 12RM99/08
160-4008-00.bin U300 1240 12RM99/09
160-4009-04.bin U700 11A34
160-4009-08.bin U700 11A32
160-4010-07.bin U700 11A52
160-4031-00.bin U200 1240 12RM99/02
160-4032-00.bin U200 1240 12RM99/03
160-4033-00.bin U200 1240 12RM99/04
160-4034-00.bin U200 1240 12RM99/05
160-4035-00.bin U200 1240 12RM99/06
160-4036-00.bin U200 1240 12RM99/07
160-4037-00.bin U200 1240 12RM99/08
160-4038-00.bin U200 1240 12RM99/09
160-4065-05.bin U800 11A71
160-4065-08.bin U800 11A71
160-4082-01.bin U2519 2246
160-4083-01.bin U2520 2246
160-4227-04.bin U521 11A33
160-4288-05.bin A25U611 11801A/CSA803
160-4384-05.bin U400 11801
160-4385-05.bin U310 11801
160-4386-05.bin U410 11801
160-4394-05.bin U300 11801
160-4398-07.bin U670 2430A
160-4399-07.bin U680 2430A
160-4400-07.bin U682 2430A
160-4401-07.bin U690 2430A
160-4402-07.bin U692 2430A
160-4403-02.bin U480 2430A
160-4404-02.bin U490 2430A
160-4413-04.bin U2020 1503B
160-4470-03.bin U1330 11302
160-4470-05.bin U1330 11302A
160-4471-03.bin U1430 11302
160-4471-05.bin U1430 11302A
160-4472-03.bin U1400 11302
160-4472-05.bin U1400 11302A
160-4473-03.bin U1100 11302
160-4473-05.bin U1100 11302A
160-4474-03.bin U1200 11302
160-4474-05.bin U1200 11302A
160-4475-03.bin U1300 11302
160-4475-05.bin U1300 11302A
160-4476-03.bin U1000 11302
160-4476-05.bin U1000 11302A
160-4477-03.bin U1230 11302
160-4477-05.bin U1230 11302A
160-4566-00.bin U300 1240 12RM99/11
160-4567-00.bin U200 1240 12RM99/11
160-4568-00.bin U300 1240 12RM99/14
160-4568-01.bin U300 1240 12RM99/12
160-4569-00.bin U200 1240 12RM99/14
160-4569-01.bin U200 1240 12RM99/12
160-4570-00.bin U300 1240 12RM99/13
160-4571-00.bin U200 1240 12RM99/13
160-4658-02.bin U17 1225
160-4659-02.bin U30 1225
160-4660-01.bin U45 1225
160-4782-03.bin U540 DSA601/DSA602
160-4782-05.bin U540 DSA601/DSA602
160-4782-06.bin U540 DSA601/DSA602
160-4783-03.bin U440 DSA601/DSA602
160-4783-05.bin U440 DSA601/DSA602
160-4783-06.bin U440 DSA601/DSA602
160-4784-03.bin U410 DSA601/DSA602
160-4784-06.bin U410 DSA601/DSA602
160-4784-08.bin U410 DSA601/DSA602
160-4785-03.bin U510 DSA601/DSA602
160-4785-06.bin U510 DSA601/DSA602
160-4785-08.bin U510 DSA601/DSA602
160-4786-03.bin U420 DSA601/DSA602
160-4786-06.bin U420 DSA601/DSA602
160-4786-08.bin U420 DSA601/DSA602
160-4787-03.bin U520 DSA601/DSA602
160-4787-06.bin U520 DSA601/DSA602
160-4787-08.bin U520 DSA601/DSA602
160-4797-00.bin U510 DSA601/DSA602
160-4845-07.bin U1110 11A72
160-4845-09.bin U1110 11A72
160-4918-03.bin U800 DSA601/DSA602
160-4918-05.bin U800 DSA601/DSA602
160-4918-07.bin U800 DSA601/DSA602
160-4919-03.bin U810 DSA601/DSA602
160-4919-05.bin U810 DSA601/DSA602
160-4919-07.bin U810 DSA601/DSA602
160-4920-03.bin U820 DSA601/DSA602
160-4920-05.bin U820 DSA601/DSA602
160-4920-07.bin U820 DSA601/DSA602
160-4921-03.bin U830 DSA601/DSA602
160-4921-05.bin U830 DSA601/DSA602
160-4921-07.bin U830 DSA601/DSA602
160-4922-03.bin U900 DSA601/DSA602
160-4922-05.bin U900 DSA601/DSA602
160-4922-07.bin U900 DSA601/DSA602
160-4923-03.bin U910 DSA601/DSA602
160-4923-05.bin U910 DSA601/DSA602
160-4923-07.bin U910 DSA601/DSA602
160-4924-03.bin U920 DSA601/DSA602
160-4924-05.bin U920 DSA601/DSA602
160-4924-07.bin U920 DSA601/DSA602
160-4925-03.bin U930 DSA601/DSA602
160-4925-05.bin U930 DSA601/DSA602
160-4925-07.bin U930 DSA601/DSA602
160-5063-00.bin U2519 2246
160-5063-11.bin U2519 2246
160-5085-05.bin U410 3001GPX
160-5086-05.bin U415 3001GPX
160-5178-02.bin 1230
160-5179-03.bin 1230
160-5350-00.bin U300 1240 12RM99/15
160-5351-00.bin U200 1240 12RM99/15
160-5352-00.bin U300 1240 12RM99/16
160-5353-00.bin U200 1240 12RM99/16
160-5370-04.bin U2160 2465B
160-5370-06.bin U2160 2465B
160-5370-07.bin U2160 2465B
160-5370-10.bin U2160 2465B
160-5371-04.bin U2260 2465B
160-5371-06.bin U2260 2465B
160-5371-07.bin U2260 2465B
160-5371-10.bin U2260 2465B
160-5373-04.bin U4710 2465B
160-5374-04.bin U4715 2465B
160-5391-00.bin U2408 2246 series
160-5414-04.bin U210 11801
160-5415-04.bin U220 11801
160-5427-00.bin U320 2710
160-5428-00.bin U220 2710
160-5429-00.bin U120 2710
160-5430-00.bin U312 2710
160-5434-00.bin U410 2710
160-5469-03.bin U240 DSA601/DSA602
160-5469-07.bin U240 DSA601/DSA602
160-5470-03.bin U250 DSA601/DSA602
160-5470-05.bin U250 DSA601/DSA602
160-5470-07.bin U250 DSA601/DSA602
160-5481-04.bin U630 11801
160-5482-04.bin U730 11801
160-5483-04.bin U620 11801
160-5484-04.bin U720 11801
160-5485-04.bin U612 11801
160-5486-04.bin U712 11801
160-5487-04.bin U600 11801
160-5494-04.bin U250 11801
160-5495-04.bin U240 11801
160-5502-02.bin U602 11801
160-5503-02.bin U612 11801
160-5530-00.bin 1220/1225/1230
160-5531-01.bin 1220/1225/1230
160-5604-00.bin U300 1240 12RM99/17
160-5605-00.bin U200 1240 12RM99/17
160-5620-04.bin U700 11801
160-5676-00.bin U300 1240 12RM33
160-5677-00.bin U200 1240 12RM33
160-5819-07.bin A43U11 2784
160-5819-09.bin A43U11 2784
160-5820-07.bin A43U12 2784
160-5820-09.bin A43U12 2784
160-5821-07.bin A43U13 2784
160-5821-09.bin A43U13 2784
160-5822-07.bin A43U14 2784
160-5822-09.bin A43U14 2784
160-5823-07.bin A43U10 2784
160-5823-09.bin A43U10 2784
160-5824-07.bin A41U63 2784
160-5824-09.bin A41U63 2784
160-5825-05.bin A24U11 2784
160-5825-07.bin A24U11 2784
160-5826-04.bin A42U40 2784
160-5826-06.bin A42U40 2784
160-5875-00.bin U2930 2465B
160-5876-01.bin U2160 2465B
160-5877-01.bin U2360 2465B
160-5877-02.bin U2360 2465B
160-5879-01.bin U5565 2465B
160-5881-02.bin U4710 2465B
160-5882-02.bin U4715 2465B
160-5903-05.bin U670 2432A
160-5903-06.bin U670 2432A
160-5904-06.bin U680 2432A
160-5905-06.bin U682 2432A
160-5906-05.bin U690 2432A
160-5906-06.bin U690 2432A
160-5907-06.bin U692 2432A
160-5955-03.bin U460 DSA601/DSA602
160-5955-06.bin U460 DSA601/DSA602
160-5955-08.bin U460 DSA601/DSA602
160-5956-03.bin U560 DSA601/DSA602
160-5956-06.bin U560 DSA601/DSA602
160-5956-08.bin U560 DSA601/DSA602
160-6000-02.bin U476 1780R
160-6014-07.bin U310 1780R
160-6015-07.bin U315 1780R
160-6119-11.bin U820 11402/11403
160-6120-11.bin U920 11402/11403
160-6121-11.bin U810 11402/11403
160-6122-11.bin U910 11402/11403
160-6123-11.bin U800 11402/11403
160-6124-11.bin U900 11402/11403
160-6167-00.bin U18 1225
160-6168-00.bin U31 1225
160-6188-04.bin U9120 2232/2224/2221A
160-6188-06.bin U9120 2232/2224/2221A
160-6188-07.bin U9120 2232/2224/2221A
160-6192-04.bin U9121 2232/2224/2221A
160-6192-06.bin U9121 2232/2224/2221A
160-6192-07.bin U9121 2232/2224/2221A
160-6237-00.bin A10U212 DM5110/DM511
160-6238-00.bin A12U504 DM5110
160-6491-01.bin U670 2430A
160-6492-01.bin U680 2430A
160-6493-01.bin U682 2430A
160-6494-01.bin U690 2430A
160-6495-01.bin U692 2430A
160-6496-01.bin U480 2430A
160-6496-03.bin U480 2430A
160-6497-01.bin U490 2430A
160-6502-03.bin U2519 2247A
160-6517-02.bin U230 11801
160-6518-02.bin U240 11801
160-6552-10.bin U281 11402/11403
160-6553-10.bin U283 11402/11403
160-6621-11.bin U830 11402/11403
160-6622-11.bin U930 11402/11403
160-6850-00.bin CG5011
160-6852-00.bin U420 2710
160-6976-01.bin A15U140 11801A/CSA803
160-6976-10.bin U140 11402/11403
160-6977-01.bin A15U150 11801A/CSA803
160-6977-10.bin U150 11402/11403
160-6978-03.bin A18U930 11801A/CSA803
160-6979-03.bin A18U830 11801A/CSA803
160-6980-01.bin A5U400 11801A/CSA803
160-6981-01.bin A5U310 11801A/CSA803
160-6982-01.bin A5U410 11801A/CSA803
160-6983-01.bin A5U300 11801A/CSA803
160-6984-03.bin A18U820 11801A/CSA803
160-6985-03.bin A18U920 11801A/CSA803
160-6986-03.bin A18U810 11801A/CSA803
160-6987-03.bin A18U910 11801A/CSA803
160-6988-03.bin A18U800 11801A/CSA803
160-6989-03.bin A18U900 11801A/CSA803
160-7851-03.bin U600 TDS series
160-8315-00.bin A54U3050 494
160-8316-00.bin A54U3060 494
160-8317-00.bin A56U1010 494
160-8318-00.bin A56U1020 494
160-8319-00.bin A56U1025 494
160-8320-00.bin A56U1035 494
160-8321-00.bin A56U3015 494
160-8322-00.bin A56U3020 494
160-8323-00.bin A56U3030 494
160_8505_00.BIN A11U1331 TDS540 (all TDS500 & TDS600 w/o suffix)
160-9137-00.bin A31U500 TDS series
160-9335-00.bin U1331 TDS series
160-9907-00.bin U44 AM700
160-9917-00.bin U53 AM700
160-H006-04 EVEN.bin  ? A7 Processor Board (671-3058-00) for the 2216 scope, made in Holland, firmware V1.4.23, original ROM is AMD AM27C040-120DC
160-H007-04 ODD.bin  ? A7 Processor Board (671-3058-00) for the 2216 scope, make in Holland, firmware V1.4.23, original ROM is AMD AM27C040-120DC
163-1083-01.bin U4 RFM151
163-1084-01.bin U5 RFM151