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The Tektronix T5640 is a split-screen, bistable direct-view storage CRT used in the 564 storage scope.


T5640-200 (154-0410-00, P200 phosphor) was the standard tube, T5640-201 (154-0418-00, P201 phosphor) was used in the 564 Mod 08 for faster writing rate at the expense of 30% shorter tube life.

The T5641 tube was used in the solid-state 564B storage scope.

Part numbers

Part No Name Phosphor
154-0410-00 T5640-200 P200 (standard)
154-0418-00 T5640-201 P201
154-0565-00 T5641-200 P200 (standard)
154-0565-01 T5641-201 P201




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