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Tektronix TDS754
500 MHz, 4 GS/s 4-channel digital scope
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The Tektronix TDS754 is a 500 MHz, 4 GS/s quad-channel digital storage scope.


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Note that the TDS754C&D and TDS784C&D series are nearly identical, with the differences being in front-panel cosmetics and the presence (754) or absence (784) of a few capacitors on the acquisition board. The only other difference is the position of instrument ID jumpers, also on the acquisition board. In fact, it is entirely possible to convert a 754 to a 784 (see abVe Links and the TDS784 page for more information).

TDS754A uses same acquisition board as TDS540 & TDS544A, this is a variant, where is impossible converting to TDS784.