Telequipment D63

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Telequipment D63
15 MHz dual-beam scope
Telequipment D63

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The Telequipment D63 is a 15 MHz dual-beam analog scope. The storage version is the Telequipment DM63.

The D63/DM63 have a built-in single time base and take two vertical plug-ins that are also compatible with DM63, D75 and D83, typically a pair of V4 dual trace amplifiers. Other plugins included the V3 single channel differential amplifier, the V1 single channel amplifier, and the V5 single channel amplifier with delay line (DM63/D63 mainframes have no built-in delay lines whereas D75/D83 do).


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The D63/DM63 use only two integrated circuits, the 155-0056-00 Sweep Control circuit (IC1) and the 155-0042-03 Miller Integrator (IC2).