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P64xx input leads

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Logic probes from the Tektronix P64xx series share a common 10-lead input connector layout.

These probes include the P6406, P6407, P6408, P6450, P6451, P6452, P6455, P6460, P6462, A6701 and possibly others.

Original input lead sets were

  • 012-0747-00 − standard 10-wire 10 in/25 cm with pluggable probe tips
  • 012-0989-00 − 10-wire 5 in/12 cm with pluggable probe tips
  • 012-0655-01 − ten individual 40 cm leads
  • 012-0655-02 − ten individual 8 cm leads
  • 012-0670-00 − ten individual 16 cm leads
  • 012-0800-00 − 10-wire 10 cm
  • 012-0556-00 − diagnostic leads to connect P6460 to diagnostic test points and test pattern generator outputs of 1240/1241 logic analyzers
  • 103-0209-00 - 2 x ten bundled leads connecting to a standard GPIB connector ,to be used with two probes. Supplied with the DF2

As the probe-side input connector is a standard .65 mm square pin header on a 0.2" (5.08 mm) pitch, it is also possible to use standard jumper wires with pins, sockets or clips on the other end for connecting inputs.