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The Tektronix 067-0883-99 Universal Load Unit is a device designed to test internal power supplies of other equipment. It contains twelve active and one passive electronic loads, a digital multimeter, and comparators with LED indicators, programmable for specific voltages via a plug-in card, to indicate voltages out of tolerance.

Four channels support up to 50 V, 24 A, 120 W; four more, up to 100 V, 10 A, 80 W; and a third group of four channels go up to 160 V, 2 A, 80 W. Two each of the channels are for positive and two for negative rails. All include SCR crowbar over-voltage protection circuits. The passive channel is rated 350 V, 1 A, 10 W.

Total dissipation can be up to 500 W.