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The Tektronix 11302 is a 500 MHz analog oscilloscope with a micro-channel plate CRT that can operate with 11000-series plug-ins or 7000-series plug-ins. Note, however, that the 7000 series plugins have mechanical interlock preventing them from being installed into an 11K mainframe. The 11302 includes a 500 MHz (11302A: 750 MHz) counter/timer.

Except for the MCP CRT, the 11302 is basically the same as the 400 MHz 11301.

The 11302A version increased external counter input bandwidth to 750 MHz and added a readout mode button.

The 11302 contains a 77 nanosecond delay line.

Full calibration of an 11302 requires the use of the TEKCATS software.


Bandwidth 500 MHz
Sweep 5 ns/Div to 500 ms/Div, 1-2-5, ×10 magnifier
(same specs for delayed time base)
Triggering 0.35 Div (int) or 20 mV (ext) to 50 MHz, increasing to 1 Div/150 mV at max. bandwidth
Trigger modes DC, AC (>50 Hz), HF Reject (<30 kHz), LF reject (>80 kHz), TV (line or field)
X-Y operation X from center plugin, bandwidth 3 MHz
X-Y phase difference <1° to 1 MHz, <3° to 2 MHz
  • gated internal counter (500 MHz bandwidth internal and external)
  • internal measurements (RMS, p-p, mean, ...)
  • cursors
Weight 44 pounds (20 kg)
Power consumption 240 W max



Year 1987 1990
Model 11302 11302A
Catalog price $12,950 $14,500
2018 value $28,680 $27,900