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Tektronix 1240
Modular Logic Analyzer
Tektronix 1241

Produced from 1983 to (?)

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The Tektronix 1240 is a logic analyzer. The 1241 is the same device but with a color-shutter CRT.


The 1240/1241 accommodate one to four acquisition boards of type 1240D1 with 9 channels or 1240D2 with 18 channels for a total of up to 72 acquisition channels. Acquisition speeds reach up to 100 MHz asynchronous or 50 MHz synchronous. The 1240/41 provides 14 levels of triggering with conditional branching.

Exchangeable ROM cartridges allow for mnemonic disassembly and state analysis of most microprocessors of the time.

An optional "Comm Pack" provides a serial port including remote control capabilities.


The 1240 is built around an Intel 8088 as the control processor with 64K DRAM, and firmware in a bank of EPROMs. A separate I/O processor board is powered by a Z80A CPU. The display controller is built from individual TTL and ECL ICs.

The power supply is a switch-mode supply that mainly generates 5 V at up to 45 A. It requires a minimum load of 11.6 A. Additionally it generates 3 V at up to 8 A with no minimum load and several other voltages that are derived from linear post regulators.

Boards are two to six layers.



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