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Tektronix 1731
PAL Waveform Monitor
Tektronix 1731

Produced from 1986 to (?)

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The Tektronix 1731 is a Television Waveform Monitor for the PAL video standard. The 1730 is the NTSC and the 1735 is a multi-standard sister model.

The 1731 can be coupled to a 1721 Vectorscope, they can be mounted side-to-side in a 19" rack using option 1700 F 05.


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  • Full frame line select
  • Simultaneous channel A & B display
  • Dual filter display
  • One-button front panel recall
  • RGB / YRGB display capabilities
  • D2-servo waveform display
  • Parallax-free internal graticules
  • Differential phase and gain measurement
  • Stereo audio phase measurement
  • Vector center dot clamping
  • Remote control capability