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Tektronix 2467
Portable 350/400 MHz 4-ch scope
Tektronix 2467B

Produced from 1986 to (?)

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The Tektronix 2467 is a four-channel 350 MHz portable oscilloscope.

It is the same as a 2465 except that the 2467 has a micro-channel plate (MCP) CRT. The MCP CRT enables bright traces at fast sweep rates, particularly with one-shot or low repetition rate signals. The 2467B increased the vertical BW to 400 MHz.

The 2467 is from the penultimate generation of analog Tektronix scopes.


  • Option 01 (DMM) added a 4½-digit, fully autoranging digital multimeter which measures DC and AC voltage and current, resistance, dBV, dBm, continuity, and temperature.
  • Option 05 (TV) added TV (back-porch) clamp circuitry to the Channel 2 input and TV trigger coupling modes, allowing selection of either horizontal or vertical sync pulses to obtain horizontal-line-sync or field-sync pulse triggering.
  • Option 09 added an input for a P6407 Word Recognizer Probe.
  • Option 06 (Counter/Timer/Trigger) allows precision time-interval measurement, event and frequency counting, delay-by-events triggering, and logic triggering.
  • Option 09 added option 06 plus a 17-bit Word Recognizer probe (P6407).
  • Option 10 added a GPIB interface for remote control.
  • Option 11 added two probe-power connectors on the rear panel of the instrument.


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1990: $13,045 (2467B) = $24,400 equivalent in 2017