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The Tektronix 454 is a 150 MHz portable dual-trace scope introduced in March 1967. It can be seen as an improved 453. The successor 454A was introduced in 1971.

The 454 is the fastest general-purpose Tektronix scope that does not use proprietary hybrid or integrated circuits. It uses a CRT with distributed vertical deflection plates.


With the input sensitivity set to 10 mV/div and above, the 454A has a vertical bandwidth of 150 MHz. At 5 mV/div it is 100 MHz, and at 2 mV/div it is 50 MHz.

It is possible to cascade the channel-1 and channel-2 input amplifiers to obtain a sensitivity of 400 μV/div. In that configuration, the vertical bandwidth is 33 MHz.

The 454 weighs 29 pounds and consumes about 130 watts. It has two ±12 V probe power outputs for P6045 probes.

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The 454 has a 140 ns delay line in the signal path after the input channel switching and before the main vertical amplifier. There is a phase equalizer after the delay line to mitigate the harm done to pulse fidelity by the delay line.

The 454 uses the T4540 CRT.