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The Tektronix Type 543 (rack mount RM43) is an all-tube 30 MHz scope introduced in 1958. It takes letter-series and 1-series plug-ins. It is similar to a 545, but without the second, delayed timebase. Instead, it has a range of horizontal magnifiers from ×2 to ×100. It has the same six-stage balanced distributed amplifier (twelve 6DK6 tubes) as the 545.

While the 545 has two non-calibrated X-input sensitivities, the 543 has an X-input with three calibrated selectable deflection sensitivities: 0.1 V/cm, 1 V/cm, and 10 V/cm.

The standard CRT for the 543 is the T65 with P2 phosphor, part number 154-175. The standard CRT for the 543B is part number 154-0478-00, also known as the T5470-31-2.

The total acceleration voltage on the CRT is 10 kV. The CRT power supply uses five 5642 HV tube diodes.

543B is a hybrid and vertical delay line have no 6DK6 and LC but 186 ohms delay line.


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