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The Tektronix Type 543 (rack mount RM43) is an all-tube 30 MHz scope introduced in 1958. It takes letter-series and 1-series plug-ins. It is similar to a 545, but without the second, delayed timebase. Instead, it has a range of horizontal magnifiers from ×2 to ×100.

The 543 has the same six-stage balanced distributed amplifier (twelve 6DK6 tubes) as the 545, driving a lumped L/C delay line just before the deflection plates.

While the 545 has two non-calibrated X-input sensitivities, the 543 has an X input with calibrated deflection sensitivity of 0.1 V/cm, 1 V/cm, or 10 V/cm.

Total acceleration voltage on the CRT is 10 kV. The CRT power supply uses five 5642 HV tube diodes. The standard CRT for the 543 is the T65 with P2 phosphor, part number 154-175.

The 543B is a tube/transistor hybrid scope. The vertical amplifier has a 6DJ8 cathode follower stage followed by two transistor/tube cascode stages with a 186 Ω delay line in-between. The standard CRT for the 543B is part number 154-0478-00, also known as the T5470-31-2. There is a rackmount version, Type RM543B.


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