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The Tektronix 564 is the storage scope of the 560 series. It was introduced in June 1962.

The 564 is a bench scope. The RM564 is the rack-mount version. The 564 is a tube-based oscilloscope, whereas a later version, the 564B (1969), is fully solid state. Mod 121N added auto-erase.

The 564 was one of the mainframes offered for the Engine Analyzer package.

Steve Ditter says:

Tek offered two phosphors for the 564. You can determine which one you have by reading the CRT part number, visible in the window in the shield where the deflection plate connections are. 154-0410-00 is P200, which was the standard tube. The 154-0418-00 is the P201, which has faster writing rate, but at the expense of about 30% shorter useful life.

CRTs in the 564B were 154-0565-00 (T5641-200) and 154-0565-01 (fast writing speed), respectively.

The left plug-in directly drives the vertical deflection plates of the CRT. The right plug-in directly drives the horizontal deflection plates.


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The 564 CRT has a total of 3500 V of acceleration. There is no post-deflection acceleration.