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Tektronix 568
Sampling scope
Tektronix 568 front, with 3S6 and 3T6 plugins

Produced from 1967 to 1987

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The Tektronix 568 is a sampling oscilloscope, introduced in 1967, which takes 3S- and 3T-series plug-ins. Although it was intended to be used for sampling, it can also be used with non-sampling plug-ins of the 3A and 3B series.

Like the 561 and 564, the 568 does not contain vertical or horizontal amplifiers. The plug-ins directly drive the deflection plates. The 568 has multi-pin connectors on its rear panel that are routed to multi-pin connectors on the plug-ins. This is to support external control and measurement using, for example, a 230 and 241. The typical cable for connecting the 568 to the 230 is the 012-0119-01.

Two sampling heads can be interfaced directly to the 568 using the 012-0130-00 cable, or multiple sampling heads can be interfaced using an multiplexer such as the 286, 287, or R288.

CRT was the T5032-2-1 (154-0454-00) or T5611-2-1 (154-0613-01).

The 568 was distributed as a self-contained instrument and also as a component of integrated test and measurement systems such as the S-3100. As a part of the test and measurement systems, the 568 was sold at least until 1986.

A modification, 708P, was available for the 568 to give it a head multiplexer instead of a CRT.


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