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Tek 613 photo.jpg

The Tektronix 613 is a Storage Display Unit that was introduced in 1973.

It has a 15 cm by 20 cm viewing area and uses bistable storage with P1 phosphor. The standard configuration is to have the 20 cm dimension be the in the horizontal direction (landscape). A portrait aspect ratio configuration was available as an option. Typical deflection factors are 1 V/20 cm horizonal, and 1 V/15 cm vertical. Beam settling time (within 0.025 cm) is specified to be 14 μs + 6 μs per cm of deflection, for spot movements up to 2 cm. For larger spot movements, the settling time is 3 μs per cm. The stored resolution is 200 x 266 line pairs. Erase time is approximately 0.9 seconds. Power consumption is 180 watts. Weight of the unit is 43 pounds (19 kg).

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