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6AU6 and 12AU6 Tubes
The 6AU6 (European equivalent EF94, Russian equivalent 6Ж4П) is an RF pentode for up to ~50 MHz with a miniature B7G 7-pin base, introduced in 1946.

The 12AU6 is the equivalent version with a 12 V heater.

The 6AU6 is used in the 513, 581, 585 and others as an error amplifier, in the Type 53/54C plugin, and others.

The 6AU6A is an improved version for equipment with series-connected heaters that ha controlled warm-up and heater-to-cathode voltage rating increased to 200 V. The 6AU6WA is a ruggedized version.

Tek part number:

  • 154-0022-00
  • 157-0073-00 (selected pair)
  • 157-0059-00 (6AU6A)
  • 154-0284-00 (6AU6WA)