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Tektronix 7313
25 MHz storage mainframe
Tektronix 7313

Produced from 1972 to 1979

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The Tektronix 7313 is a 25 MHz storage oscilloscope mainframe (mistakenly identified as 65 MHz on the Tektronix web site) that accepts two 7000-series vertical plug-ins and one 7000-series horizontal plug-in. There is also a rack-mount version, the R7313.


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The direct view bistable storage CRT (154-0682-02,-10,-12) is 8 cm tall and 10 cm wide. The upper half and lower half are independently controllable with regard to storage settings.

The low voltage power supply is linear. It produces +50V, -50V, +15V, -15V, +5V, and +130V.

The vertical amplifier is fully discrete.

The 7313 is the only 7000-series scope that doesn't use post-deflection acceleration, due to the low bandwidth. CRT cathode voltage is -4 kV.


1973: $2,000