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Tektronix 7D01
Logic Analyzer
Tektronix 7D01 without display formatter

Compatible with 7000-series scopes

Produced from 1976 to 1985

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The Tektronix 7D01 is a logic analyzer plug-in for the 7000-series scopes. Compatible extension modules include the DF1 and DF2 display formatters and the DL2 latch (glitch detector).


  • 4 channels at 1016 bits/channel, maximum external clock period 10ns (100MHz)
  • 8 channels at 508 bits/channel, maximum external clock period 20ns (50MHz)
  • 16 channels at 254 bits/channel, maximum external clock period 40ns (25MHz)
Sampling Rate 10 ns to 5 ms per sample (1—2—5) or external clock up to 50 MHz
Trigger Sources
  • external
  • channel 0 data
  • 16 channel word recognizer
  • manual
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Note about external clock rates (from Jim Mauck):

When I was a Tek Service Technician I worked on the 7D01. For several years I tested every 7D01 I worked on (and that was a lot of them) with a 100MHz external clock in 16 channel mode. I would use a DF2 and set it to reacquire continuously as long as the 7D01 memory was the same as the original data I stored into the DF2 memory. The analyzer would run for hours without error. The funny part is that it wasn't until I had been doing this for several years that I realized it wasn't specified to run at that frequency. I continued to test them that way even after I discovered my error. However the instrument exceeding the specifications might be due to the data source providing a generous setup and hold time relative to the active clock edge.



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