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Tektronix FG502
function generator
Tektronix FG502

Compatible with TM500 system

Produced from 1974 to 1993

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The Tektronix FG502 is a function generator plug-in for the TM500 system. It generates low distortion sine, square, triangle, positive and negative pulse, and ramp waveforms from 0.1 Hz to 11 MHz.

A squarewave trigger is available at the front panel. Variable DC offset is also provided.

Α voltage-controlled frequency (VCF) input controls the output frequency from an external voltage source. The output frequency can be swept above or below the selected frequency to maximum of 1000:1 depending on the polarity and amplitude of the VCF input and the selected output frequency.

An external gate input allows the generator to operate for the duration of an externally applied gating signal. This mode provides either a single cycle output, or a train of preselected waveforms, depending on the gating signal width and the generator frequency setting.


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