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Tektronix LA501
logic analyzer
Tektronix LA501

Compatible with TM500 system

Produced from 1976 to 1978

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The Tektronix LA501 is a logic analyzer plug-in for the TM500 system. It provides X/Y/Z outputs for an external oscilloscope or X/Y monitor. It has a cable-attached passive 16-channel probe, the P6450. Alternatively, channels 0-3 can be switched to four BNC connector inputs with 1 MΩ impedance intended for external ×10 probes.

The LA501W was a bundle of the LA501 with a WR501 connected internally and providing word recognition trigger as well as data acquisition. In this case, there is no P6450 probe, instead one or two P6451 probes can be attached to the WR501.

The LA501 provides only a timing diagram with clock tick marks on the traces, and analog zoom/pan controls for focusing on a particular trace or detail. Each channel can be positioned anywhere vertically to allow for timing comparisons.


Memory 4096 bit (4ch/1024 bit, 8ch/512bit or 16ch/256bit)
Sampling rate up to 50 MHz (100 MHz @ 4ch)