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Miniature relays

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In the 1970s, Tek produced their own miniature relays in-house that were used in some 7000-series plug-ins such as the 7A11, 7A12, 7A13, 7A14, and other equipment. These relays have a tendency to fail and have become very rare.

Interestingly, Tek appear to have manufactured replacements based on commercial relays in TO-5 metal can cases soldered to small carrier boards with pins matching the Tek sockets.

Some of these relays have symmetrical socket layouts so that they can be installed in both possible 180° rotated positions.

Possible repair strategies include "micro-surgery" (Ref.1) or installing modern miniature gold-contact relays on top of the cut-off base.

Tek P/N Contacts Coil Used in Replacement
148-0034-00 DPDT 15 V 600 Ω 7A11: K401,K403,K405,K407,K411,K413,K415,K417,K431
7A13: K47,K48,K480,K490
7A14: K50,K62,K330
7B70, 7B71: K6,K44,K48,K138,K780
AXICOM V23079-D2003-B301 (Ref. 2)
Omron G6N, G6S
148-0034-03 DPDT 15 V 600 Ω 7A11 B100000+: K401,K403,K405,K407,K411,K413,K415,K417,K431 AXICOM V23079-D2003-B301 (Ref. 2)
148-0035-00 SPDT 15 V 600 Ω 7A13: K60,K61
7A14: K51,K52,K53,K54,K155,K160,K180,K235,K280
7B70, 7B71: K3
148-0043-00 DPDT 24 V 1325 Ω
148-0050-00 SPST 12 V 7A13: K10,K30
148-0054-00 SPDT+SPST 15 V 7A13: K7,K27
148-0055-00 SPDT+SPST 15 V 7A13: K6,K26
148-0058-00 4 V 130 Ω 7A11 Probe: K55,K59
148-0076-00 SPST (reed) 7L12: K1470
148-0080-00 DPDT 5 V at 65 Ω
148-0087-00 SPDT 90 mW 7L12: K300,K353,K356,K1200
148-0088-00 DPDT 120 mW 7L12: K281,K354,K355,K357,K1130,K1400,K1450
148-0107-03 SPDT TO5 replacement
148-0107-04 DPDT TO5 replacement for 148-0055-00 (7A13: K6,K26)
108-0599-00 SPST (reed) 7T11: A3K31,A3K32,A3K70,A3K71,A3K80

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  1. Repairing 7A13 relays @ PA4TIM (how to take relays apart, inside photos)
  2. 7A11 repair report at amplifier.cd
  3. Tek 7A13 broken relays @ IK1ZYW Labs


Other custom relays in Tek equipment

  • 7A29 input protection relay