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Probe power

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Many Tektronix instruments provide power for active probes. There have been several distinct versions:

  • The 513 provides +225 V, +6.3 V, and a variable supply producing +15 V to +150 V, on a 4-pin connector.
  • The 517 and 128 provide +120 V and +6.3 V for Type P500CF cathode-follower probes.
  • The 1S1, 3S1 and 3S76 provide +100 V and −12.2 V for Type P6032 cathode-follower probes and 282 active adapter.
  • The 4S1 provides +100 V, −12.6 V, and −25.2 V.
  • The N provides +100 V and 6.3V AC for Type P6025 cathode-follower probes.
  • The 015-0073-00 has a 3-pin probe power connector (Sealectro 55-850-0018-98(?)), the 454/454A a pair of these, providing +12.5 V and −12.5 V for probes P6045, ...
  • 7000-series scopes (not all models), 475, 485, the 1101 probe power supply, and the 2707 tracking generator provide +15 V, +5 V, and −15 V through a LEMO S-series connector.
  • TekProbe BNC, TekProbe SMA and TekConnect are proprietary probe-scope interfaces that combine signal and probe power as well as control (e.g. offset voltage), and provide the scope with information about the type of probe connected.