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Tektronix S-2
Sampling Head
S-2 head

Compatible with 3S2, 3S5, 3S6, 7S11, 7S12 Sampling Plugins

Produced from 1967 to 1989

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The Tektronix S-2 Sampling Head plug-in provides a single GR-874 50 Ω input with a 75 ps risetime.

The S-2 can be used in the 7000 series and 3S series of sampling plug-ins. It provides an internal trigger pickoff signal for internal triggering. Noise is specified as less than 10 mV.

When the S-2 was first introduced, the rise-time specification was 50 ps, but that was not achieved in practice, so the rise-time specification was revised to be 75 ps.

The interface between the GR-874 connector and the printed circuit board is described in US Patent 3,426,311.


Rise time 75 ps
Bandwidth 4.66 GHz eq.
Input voltage −1 to +1 V (max. −5 to +5)