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The Tektronix T517 aka T0541 is a family of CRTs used in the 517A scope after serial number 925 (earlier models 517 use the DuMont 5XP).

The tubes were named T517PxH, where "x" designates the phosphor type (1, 2, 7, 11, or 16). The T517 was a high-voltage version of the T54 tube and was also known by T54PxH and T0541 designations.

The T517 has a single +20 kV anode connection, and has 15 V/cm sensitivity at 24 kV total acceleration voltage.

Tek part numbers:

  • 154-0105-00 = T517P11H
  • 154-0107-00 = T517P1H
  • 154-0108-00 = T517P7H
  • 154-0109-00 = T517P2H
  • 154-0128-00 = T517P16H




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