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The Tektronix T5031 is a Tek-made CRT used in the 561 and 567 scopes. Another name for the same tube is T503R. T5031 (T503R) is first Tek-made CRT with a rectangular faceplate.

The Tektronix T5032 is successor with minor difference. T5032 is first Tek-made CRT with internal graticule, totally eliminating parallax errors, and allowing for better edge illumination. This type is used in the 561, 567 and 568 oscilloscopes.

The ‎successor of T5032 is T5610 (T561) and T5611 with new ceramic envelope.


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Part numbers

Part No Name Phosphor Graticule
154-0319-00 (154-319) T5031-1 (T503R P1) P1 phosphor
154-0320-00 (154-320) T5031-2 (T503R P2) P2 phosphor (standard)
154-0321-00 (154-321) T5031-7 (T503R P7) P7 phosphor
154-0322-00 (154-322) T5031-11 (T503R P11) P11 phosphor
154-0355-00 (154-355) T5031-31 (T503R P31) P31 phosphor
154-0372-00 (154-372) T5032-1 P1 phosphor external
154-0373-00 (154-373) T5032-2 P2 phosphor (standard) external
154-0374-00 (154-374) T5032-7 P7 phosphor external
154-0375-00 (154-375) T5032-11 P11 phosphor external
154-0376-00 (154-376) T5032-31 P31 phosphor external
154-0377-00 (154-377) T5032-32 P32 phosphor external
154-0449-00 (154-449) T5032-31-1 P31 phosphor (standard) internal
154-0454-00 (154-454) T5032-2-1 P2 phosphor (standard) internal
154-0455-00 (154-455) T5032-7-1 P7 phosphor internal
154-0456-00 (154-456) T5032-11-1 P11 phosphor internal