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The 1N3717 is a 4.7 mA / 25 pF tunnel diode also known as the TD-3A.

The Tektronix part number for this diode is 152-0381-00 (1N3717) or 152-0125-00 (TD-3A).

According to Stan Griffiths, they were used in 1L40, 1S1, 1S2, 11B1, 11B2, 11B2A, 147A, 1470, 148, 21A, 22A, 3B4, 3B5, 408, 432, 434, 453, 453A, 454, 466, 491, 5T3, 544, 546, 547, 556, 7B70, 7B71, and 7D11.

Possible Russian replacement: 1I304A (1И304А) or GI304A (ГИ304А)



Peak current 4.7 mA ±2.5%
Valley current < 0.6 mA (typ. 0.45 mA)
Peak voltage 65 mV
Valley voltage 355 mV
Capacitance < 25 pF (typ. 13 pF)