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It was a notice:

Logic diagram of 241 Manual is incorrect.

I found ‎minimum 3 error in Logic diagram. ( OR instead AND, Not inhibit-logic , NOR instead NAND)

A Question: Should i uploading logic diagram with correction (blue pen)?

EDIT: This Unit using negative logic, zero voltage = true / high. Logic diagram is correct. Sorry, my fail. (matt)

Should this notice deleted ?

On Dec 13, 2018, kurt says:

Aha, yes, negative logic is confusing. Maybe it would be good to make a note about the negative logic in the main 241 page so other people don't get surprised by the same thing. And then we can empty this page. Maybe make a category of instruments that use negative logic.

On Dec 13, 2018, matt says:

Yes, i think, note about negative logic is better, because NOR is in this case drawed as NAND. Of couruse think mostly people, this is wrong!

mmh, caterogy "negative logic".. good idea.

Peter, what will you thinking about it?