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My name is Jim and help here in my spare time as I'm retired from 20 years working as a PCB designer with Tektronix. After getting caught in one of the many personnel layoffs Tek has had in the past I went on to design PCBs for another 10 years with other electronics companies like Intel, Cascade Microtech, and various others.

I've been a ham operator since the early 1970s and dropped from the hobby to get married and raise a family. I re-licensed again about 1990 and after forming the local chapter of the ARRL A.R.E.S. took a break and recently updated all my gear and have a new antenna.

I own a Tek 2247A scope, TM504 with various plugins. I use to own a Tek 2784 spectrum analyzer but sold that in the late 1990s, which I now regret but can't change history.  :-P