The Tektronix 015-0108-00 is a rotational function generator.

Tektronix 015-0108-00
rotational analyzer
Description of 015-0108-00 in 1969 catalog

Produced from 1968 to (?)

(All manuals in PDF format unless noted otherwise)

It was part of the Engine Analyzer System and could also be used with the 3A10 for any application where being able to correlate other variables with the progress of rotating machinery would be useful.

It consists of a rotating film disk that is mechanically linked to the engine.

Through three printed, optically sensed patterns, it provides three selectable signals – a sawtooth pattern linked to the crank angle, a pulse pattern marking crank angle in 10°, 60° and 360° increments, and a modified sine (6% second harmonic) representing piston volume as a function of crankshaft angle.

Key Specifications

Max. RPM 20,000 rpm
Angular accuracy Degree markers, 1°
Shaft load max. 10 lb
Temperature range −15 °C to +75 °C


Documents Referencing 015-0108-00

Document Class Title Authors Year Links
070-0890-00.pdf Manual Engine Analyzer System 1968


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