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The Tektronix 067-0502-00 is an instrument designed for calibrating oscilloscope calibrators. It is very similar to the 067-0502-01. What are the differences?

Sherman Foy contributed the following information:

TekWiki asks the question: what is the difference? I have both units and have done an extensive review.

Looking @ the front panels [TNX 4 pix] of the –00 & the –01, it seems that the –01 dropped the X100 Amplifier section. The front panel is re-laid out, but what remains seems to be identical to the corresponding sections from the –00. IOW, the –00 is a superset and the –01 is a subset of the -00.

Note that the –00 transformer [T310] has 6 windings and the –01 transformer [also T310] has 5 windings. Some currents are different, as indicated.

I have made my own notes for the project of working on the two. Using the schematics for organization, I arrived @ the following table. I am using a re-organization of the sheets, the block diagram of the –00 and this table:

-00|-01|Sheet in -00|Sheet in -01|Sheet in proposed consolidated drawing set