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Tektronix 105
25 Hz to 1 MHz square wave generator
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The Tektronix 105 is a 25 Hz to 1 MHz square wave generator. It is all tube.

The 105 has a d'Arsonval meter on its front panel indicating the current frequency. The frequency meter works on the principle of moving a constant amount of charge per cycle, integrating this charge into a current, and measuring the current.

The output is generated at the plates of three 6AG7 triodes that run in parallel. It was designed by Howard Vollum and Charles Sanford.


  • Frequency range: 25 Hz to 1 MHz
  • Rise and fall time (10% to 90%): 20 nanoseconds
  • Amplitude range (600-ohm internal load only): 10 V to 100 V peak-to-peak
  • Amplitude range (93-ohm external load): 1.5 V to 15 V peak-to-peak
  • Power consumption: 250 watts
  • Weight: 35 pounds