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Template:Plugin Sidebar 2 The Tektronix 11A34 is a four-channel vertical amplifier plug-in for 11000-series and DSA600-series scopes. It uses four M377 amplifier chips. It contains two ACVS sample and hold modules.

Option 23 added four P6134 probes.

There is also a later version, the 11A34V introduced in 1991, for video applications. Development of the 11A34V was managed by Murlan Kaufman. (See also 11T5H.) more Information needed

The 11A34 uses the same firmware as the 11A32.


Bandwidth DC to 300 MHz plus 100 MHz and 20 MHz BWL filters
Number of Inputs 4
Rise time 1.2 ns in 1 GHz mainframe such as the 11402, 11402A. 11403, 11403A, DSA601A, or DSA602A
Deflection 1 mV to 10V per division in 1% calibrated steps
Input impedance 50 Ω or 1 MΩ
  • High-Resolution Calibrated DC Offset
  • Fast Overdrive Recovery
  • 50 Ω mode 5V RMS overload protected with manual reset