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Telefunken 12au6.jpg

The 12AU6 (European equivalent HF94) is a miniature RF pentode for up to ~50 MHz, with a miniature B7G 7-pin base. Apart from the 12 V heaters, it is the same as the 6AU6 (EF94).

Tek part number:

  • 154-0040-00 (single tube)
Aged/Checked/Matched Pair Details
Used in Tek Part# S/N Range
112 157-0012-00 All
512 (V3,V8) 157-0012-00 All
575,112,G,K,L,Z,C,G 157-0038-00 All
575, Type G Plug-in 157-0050-00 All
Type G Plug-in (V3477,V3487) 157-0055-00 All
O 157-0071-00 All
575(V214, V224, V254, V264) 157-0017-00 All
? 157-0029-00 N/A
Type K Plug-in (V6101, V6111) 157-0031-00 Upto-353
Type Z Plug-in (V7634, V8634) 157-0065-00 All
Type H Plug-in 157-0076-00 All
Type O Plug-in 157-0077-00 All
Type H, M Plug-in 157-0078-00 All
Type H Plug-in 157-0114-00 Post 1965

157-0012-00 has been replaced by 157-0038-00.

157-0029-00 has been replaced by 157-0038-00.

157-0065-00 has been replaced by 157-0038-00.

157-0017-00 has been replaced by 157-0050-00.

157-0055-00 has been replaced by 157-0050-00.


Tube aging procedure / Selection and checking procedure

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