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The Tektronix 2440 is a two-channel 300 MHz digital sampling oscilloscope from the late 1980s. The maximum sample rate is 500 megasamples per second, per channel.

  • Features:
  • 500 MS/s Digitizing
  • 300MHz Bandwidth
  • 2 ns Glitch Capture
  • Autoprobe Function With P6137 Probe
  • 300MHz X-Y Bandwidth At Probe Tip
  • Automatic Measurements
  • Extensive Triggering Capabilities
  • Printer/Plotter Output
  • On-screen HELP Text Describing Every Front-Panel Control

Operation of the 2440 (and 2432 and 2430): A/D-converter and CCD hybrids may suffer irreparable damage within a few minutes if operated out of the metal enclosure without extra cooling.


Bandwidth 300 MHz, Limit: 20, 100, Full
Deflection Two Channels With Simultaneous Acquisition with sampling rate: 500MSa/s Each. CH 1&2: 2mV/div to 5V/div in 1-2-5 sequence
Auto Scale Factor On-Screen Readout indicates probe tip deflection factors for 1X, 10X, 100X and 1000X probes
Input Impedance 1M, 15pF
Sweep Speeds Modes A, A Intensified and B :2ns/div to 5s/div in 1-2-5 sequence
Auto Measure Simultaneously measures up to four parameters on one or more displayed waveforms, updated a 3hz intervals or display a snapshot of 20 parameters of waveform target
Acquisition Modes Normal, Envelope (glitch capture), Average
Display Modes CH1, CH2, invert, add, multiply, X-Y
Cursors Volts, Time, Volts At Time, 1/Time, Slope
Functions A Mode - Auto Level, Auto/Roll, Normal and Single Seq, B Mode - Trigger After Delay, Runs After Delay, 1K Record Length and many more too long to list here
Interface GPIB
Probes Two Passive Voltage 10X 1.3m P6137(400 MHz) Probes
Power 160 W, 115vac: 90 to 132vac, 230vac: 80 to 250vac, 48 to 440hz