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[[Category:Introduced in 1971]]
[[Category:Introduced in 1971]]
[[Category:2600 plugins]]
[[Category:2600 plugins]]
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The Tektronix 26G2 is a ramp generator plug-in for the 2600 series mainframes.

It generates ramps with duration ranging from 10 μs to 10 seconds.

There are outputs with different combinations of amplitude and output impedance. The 10 V output has very low output impedance (due to negative feedback) and has a current limiting circuit that limits it to about 33 mA. The 1 V output has a resistive output impedance of 50 Ω.

The 26G2 uses a 155-0029-01 integrated circuit for the trigger and a 155-0028-00 miller integrator chip to generate the ramp. Discrete bipolar transistors are used for the output amplifiers.