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The Tektronix 316 is a 10MHz three-inch scope introduced in 1959, similar to the 317. The main difference is that the 317 has more CRT accelerating voltage (9 kV versus 1.8 kV) for a brighter, sharp display. The 316 has a portable benchtop shape. The scope was also made in two other forms, the RM16 and the RS16. The RM16 is a rackmount version of the 316. The RS16 is also a rackmount version of the 316, but has the power supply in a separate unit so it can fit in shallow racks.

Early 316 units had selenium rectifiers. A modification kit, #040-216, was made available to replace them with silicon diodes.

Tektronix 316 manual

Tektronix 316 factory calibration procedure


The regular Type 316 scope runs on 50Hz to 60Hz power and has and AC fan motor. The 316-S1 runs on 50Hz to 800Hz power and has a DC fan motor. A kit was available to convert a 316 to a 316-S1 in the field. From the 1958 catalog: "Fan Motor Kit — For converting Type 316 for use on 50 to 800 cycle line frequency (Type 316-S1). Contains brackets, rectifier, and fan motor. 040-141 Fan Motor Kit $40.00"