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* [http://w140.com/tek_318-338-logic-analyzer.pdf Tektronix 318 338 Technical Manual (PDF)]
* [http://w140.com/tek_318-338-logic-analyzer.pdf Tektronix 318/338 Technical Manual (PDF)]
* [http://w140.com/tekwiki/images/b/b6/318_338-Operator-Manual.pdf Tektronix 318 338 Operator's Manual (PDF)]
* [[Media:070-4433-00.pdf|Tektronix 318/338 Operator's Manual (PDF)]]

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The Sony/Tektronix 318 and its sister model 338 are keyboard-controlled multifunction portable logic analyzers.

The 318 has 16 channels with 50 MHz maximum clock speed and 256-word memory, with a glitch capture function on all channels. The standard probes are the P6451 (4 pieces) and P6107 (trigger/serial).

Model 318S1 adds an RS-232 interface, nonvolatile memory, and a serial state analysis function (5 to 9 bits/char, asynchronous or synchronous, two continuous word recognizers, 50 to 19.2K baud; binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, ASCII, or EBCDIC display).


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