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CRT Indicator Unit
Tektronix 360 front view

Produced from 1954 to 1973

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The Tektronix Type 360 is the "indicator unit" of the 160 series modular scope system. It contains a 3WP CRT, vertical amplifier, horizontal amplifier, and HV CRT circuit. It does not contain the low-voltage power supply, which is a separate component in the 160 system.


Vertical Signal Path

The vertical signal path starts with a switched compensated attenuator, followed by a 6AU6 differential amplifier stage, followed by a second 6AU6 differential stage.

Horizontal Signal Path

The horizontal amplifier uses a 6AN8 common-cathode gain stage followed by a 6AU6 common-cathode amplifier as a phase splitter to differentially drive the CRT horizontal deflection plates.

CRT Circuit

The CRT circuit in the Type 360 uses a 6AQ5-based power oscillator to drive two 5642 high-voltage rectifier tubes, one for the CRT grid voltage, and one for the CRT cathode voltage. The high-voltage regulator feedback amplifier is made from two cascaded common-cathode amplifiers, each made from one half of a 12AT7 dual triode.


Open-frame construction allows the 360 to operate without fan cooling. Some 360s are made using printed circuit boards. Others are made using the ceramic wiring strip style that is more typical of 1950s and 1960s Tektronix construction.